Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Black n White

Extract from Facebook page:

Once again i would llike to thank everyone that attended our last meet(17-05-09) at the Theatre in the green room. As expected, there was a grand scope of deep poetry both simple and complex oonce again prooving the point that deep does not only mean complex.Our next meet will be this Sunday (31st-05-09) at the National Theatre. This time round, we have a theme. The selected theme is 'BLACK AND WHITE'. Please remember, there are no restrictions to content, idea, writing style etc. Basically, feel free, go wild and express yourself.Also remember, it is not a must for everyone to write...just come and enjoy poetry!

Monday, May 25, 2009

my first time

I remember my first time,
she softly asked: 'would u like me above you,
or do you want to be between my legs?
I hesitated,
didn't know what to say but from what friend said,
between her legs was the best way…
so i sheepishly replied...
'between your thighs.'

heaven knows how anxious I'd become.
I had waited far too long.
her hands were gentle and soft
and when she first touched me,
my eyes closed and I was lost.

stroking each and every inch of me,
taking me further to wonderland...
god damn this lady's hand.
when I opened my eyes i saw bits of me that I'd held onto for so long
fall in slow motion to the ground.

then just like that, it was over,
bringing me back to reality.
but for that brief moment…
i was in ecstasy.

when done, i stand up, clean self', and pay up.
just before i go through the door,
i look back,thank her, take a long look back at her…
and at my hair on the floor.
my first kololo haircut.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Check it out...

We just concluded a meet themed "Poverty".
Interesting, intriguing and definitely amusing; showing the different faces, causes, views and paradigms there are to this socially crippling evil.

The lantern Meet just concluded its inaugural Poetry Recital. which went beautifully if the comments are anything to go by.Unfortunately the pictures are still coming in, but stay posted. I believe Sam has better and more pics that we will put up soon.

extract from facebook group page, check it out for more updates, info, pics, member lists and more!