Monday, March 16, 2009

the nether-lands

I close my eyes and gaze thru the window.
The clouds sink lower,
Darkness engulfs the light,
Nothing is visible,
Nothing is sight.

The roads r dull,
The grass is damp,
The boots i once wore,
Now ware my soul down.

i take them off,
But my feet lack nature,
So I stand still and prolong my future.

The hurricanes have made bullets of sand,
these pebble r no longer part of this land.
So i stand in a river flow of salty water,
While selfishly,
Soft currents caress my current state.

It rains 2nyt,
Blurry vision so again no sight.
i look to the sky
As the skies tears wash the evil look from within my eyes…

perhaps i prayed wrong

perhaps i prayered wrong

I pray it rain
so I rid my soul
of ths filth tht is u...
and it does rain
but you're stil lurkin within.

Even with hard hail and strong winds
you still cling strongr to my withins
and drag me down even lower than I alredy was...
now my tears fill me
flowing freely
joining the rains that drape me closely
unable to tell being fluid from being fluid.

Perhaps I prayered wrong
because this pain tht should be long gone
wont even fade alitl...

now i wish 4 a drizzle.