Friday, April 17, 2009

I want to have sex!Yes you heard me….sex!!
Not emotional filled soft easy melodyScented candle love making.
Nah, Just rough sex,Biting necks, clawing at backs, tight reaps, long ass buffalo skinned whips
Wrapping and ripping my skin to bits.
Bodies raining a mix of blood and sweat,
No feeling of love or emotion
But of pain and aggression.

Intimacy minus intricacy,
That’s humanity.
We have bred a society of emotionless bodies
Take a look and you will see just what I’m saying.

We are dead to emotion,
we are dead to passion,
But we are alive to all things that bring death to this nation.
We’ve got troops in the Congos, got troops in Iraq,
But tell me a little something,
What exactly do they bring back?
Freedom for the people that are chained without trial,
Or food and comfort for the parentless child?
We’ve got rape victims that have been left out to rot,
And murderers lurking in the light of day knowing they wont get caught.
So why rally for love making,
When all emotions gone and all reality is hostility?

Thousands are dying,
millions of mothers starving so,
billions of children crying.
And all this coz we slaves to the metal and copper and the ink stained paper.
The needy are being suppressed by the greedy,
Politicians politicking
Keeping the masses sensitized
With empty lies
Disguised to fool the wise…

Instead of protecting the minds of the innocent
And raring them to be the breed different
We force feed them on the supple nipple of Corruption
Till them and the ill are made one.

How can one keep the country clean
When all this filth fills and flutters in and around the city
Under the guise of democracy?
How can we claim to be free from tyranny
When we live in a land of anarchy?
How can we sleep comfortably in our bed at night
When there are little girls Lurking in shadows in fright of their “new uncles”?

Fuck love making…
I’m sticking to hardcore,
Triple x porn fucking!!!


philo-so-far said...

Jason u just need to get laid,thats ur problem

smelling the coffee said...

lol, yes you do need to get laid but not with anger.

anger is never a cure for anger. love is.

eizzy.k said...


misscaffeineaddict said...

Really good piece. Nah. He doesn't need to get laid... Besides, sex is overrated... Go have a beer or something.

ntaro said...

philo, if ur so far smelling the coffee then its eizzy that you are a misscafeinaddict!!!!

phillo n smelling the isnt about sex...ok it is but my point is that we look too much to the surface just as u did with this poem. you just saw the sex and didnt see the bigger pic!